Unity Prophetic: Traces History of Prophet In The Qur’an

Muh., Ikhsan (2014) Unity Prophetic: Traces History of Prophet In The Qur’an. Unity Prophetic: Traces History of Prophet In The Qur’an. pp. 1-20.

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This article attempts to examine the prophetic traces contained in the Koran, especially in surah al-Mu'min paragraph 78. Paragraph that contains material about the prophet and his mission following meanings relationship refers to the issue of the function of a prophet and apostle of the coming . In addition , see how the interpretation that has been done by the previous commentators with regard to these verses . There are a few things into consideration in discussing this issue. First, the prophet is the central figure in the religious figure who became the intermediary between the mind of God with the human mind. Secondly, there are various interpretations of the terms prophet giving rise to differences of opinion about what and who called the prophet. For example some of the opinion that the Buddha is regarded as a prophet, while others consider it. Third, in the body of the Muslims themselves there is any flow prophets who interpret terms differently. For example, the Ahmadiyya Movement considers Qadhiyan that there is still a prophet after Muhammad, that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. With some of these considerations, then this article will review the terms prophets/messenger contained in the Qur'an.

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