Konflik dan kompromitas adat dan agama :: Kasus perkawinan Suku Tolaki di Sulawesi Tenggara

Zainal, AZ (2005) Konflik dan kompromitas adat dan agama :: Kasus perkawinan Suku Tolaki di Sulawesi Tenggara. Masters thesis, Universitas Gajah Mada, Yogyakarta.

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The purpose of this research is to identify and describe conflict and compromise between adat (tradition) and agama (religion) in the case of Tolaki’s marriage in Southeast Sulawesi. Both conflict and compromose is done by analyzing the types, the factors, and the implications. This research is a qualitative research. The focus of this research is the marriage case of Tolaki people in Southeast Sulawesi. The method of collecting data is attained by using observation about marriage’s ceremonies and rituals; taking by in deep interview to the leaders of adat about the important position in the marriage, and using documentations of some events in the marriage and also the traditional poetries (pantun) within. Later on, the data is conducted by using a sociological approach and will be presented in an analytical qualitativedescriptive. It could be sum up that both conflict and compromise persisted the same time in the events of society. Both are seem to be very important and could not be ignored. Therefore, conflict and compromise in marriage case within tradition in one hand and religion in another is a certainty, so one’s existence would not negate the others. However, traditional elite domination, the runaway marriage, and the prerequisite of marriage one three realities of Tolaki’s people which moves between conflict and compromise that might be happens. The compromise situation happens in a marriage, also has a potential conflict. Probably, it seems to be pseudo-compromise, if the effort to preserve stabilization and integration of society doesn’t solve the core of the conflict, instead reduce or obstruct it. Conversely, conflict, which happens in society, doesn’t automatically refers to dysfunction and disharmony situation, because, it could reinforces the establishment of the Tolaki society and the possibility of the new social system.

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