Mainstream Religion, Reason of State and “Understanding Diversity”: Considering Philosophia Perennis

Muh., Ikhsan and Muhammad, Sabri (2015) Mainstream Religion, Reason of State and “Understanding Diversity”: Considering Philosophia Perennis. Mainstream Religion, Reason of State and “Understanding Diversity”: Considering Philosophia Perennis. pp. 1-26.

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The statutes, gesture, or does the law dikalamkan God of heaven, has forever profane dimension. Here and there in every breath sacred prophecy-often leaving a trail unequivocal: that the Eternal sekekalnya mutual guyah divide the earth. And, the truth is always present in a variety of landscape history, in the hands of the great messenger brilliant, but unique. Light and dark are often exchanged capture the universe of the universe-code or mark that can not cash in Kalam. Since the religion found the cage on earth. Traces of religions, therefore, not entirely signified the sky, but also the movement of the Earth events. In The Transcendent Unity of Religions (1976), introduced philosophia perennis Schuon Fritjhof-an antique wisdom-which presupposes the existence of any connection with the entire Absolute Reality. A form of wisdom is called "Tradition" that can only be achieved through intellectus-term popularized in The Enneads Plotinus-as another expression of the soul or spirit. Manifestation "Tradition" which is believed to be the perennial as coming from God, has paras plural in history: religion-agam, philosophy, wisdom, art, traditions, rituals, symbols, doctrines, and so on. Indeed, the theoretical foundations of wisdom philosophia perennis about "Tradition" is within the heart of every religion and authentic tradition: Buddhist traditions call it dharma, Taoism (tao), Hinduism (sanathana), Islam (al-din), Patuntung (weeds), and sebaginya. With the way that the philosophia perennis referred to as "transcendent" it-all rituals, doctrines and religious sign universe adrift in a scientia sacra ( "sacred knowledge") that goes beyond the formal form of religion. At this point-Indonesia as a pluralistic nation-should consider the perspective of philosophia perennis, which presupposes the heart of religions: that in the heart of every religion and authentic traditions embrace the mission and message the same truth. If this becomes the foundation of the collective consciousness of the Indonesian-owned with different colors: religion, ethnicity, language, social groups, ideals ideological, political, professional, and so on-can be a big house with a comfortable, beautiful, and peaceful.

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