Types of Usury in the Presence of Islamic Era

SULAEMANG, L and ZULKIFLI, M and FATIRA, WAHIDAH and RUSDIN, MUHALLING and ST., HALIMANG (2016) Types of Usury in the Presence of Islamic Era. International Review of Management and Business Research, 5, (3). 1115 -1123.


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This paper elaborates about usury and its types in the era of Islam presence by applying documentation method, which is finding out the data related to the title of the study, that aims to know the definition of usury, the kinds of usury, how the perpetrators of usury before the arrival of Islam and how well usury laws in the age of the Islamic presence. Usury means to grow and to thrive. It is an addition to exchange one of the two similar goods. Generally, usury is defined as debts or borrowing money or goods are accompanied by additional interest. Usury consists of two types; they are nasi’ah usury (debt context), and fadhl usury (sale and purchase context). Nasi’ah usury refers to additional requirements from the person who gave the debt to take additional payment as the postponement from the one who has a debt. Meanwhile, fadhl usury is to sell (or change) money with money or food to food, with additions.The writers use historical and theological approach. The results showed that the things that lead to usury (riba) is about buying and selling goods, borrowing money, the exchanging of goods, as well as to know the law of devour the usury or the using of usury are so-calledas haraam (forbidden). The implication of this research is Muslims must be careful in debts, buying and selling, as well as the exchange of goods accompanied by additional interest. In the world, people are perpetrators of usury although they invisibly have wealth;sometimes people’s heart will not be peaceful. In other words, having a lot of wealth is not a blessing but it makes so greedy and never satisfied with what they got.

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