Maddeceng: A Family Reconciliation in Bugis Community on Maslahat’s Perspective

Asni, . and Kamaruddin, . (2018) Maddeceng: A Family Reconciliation in Bugis Community on Maslahat’s Perspective. IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science.

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Abstract: Eloping (silariang) is an embarrassing event (mappakasiri) among Bugis society, especially among Bugis people in Bone, South Sulawesi. This incident usually leads to a conflict or tension between the two families. Even the family of the girl who felt humiliated (dipakasiri) usually take violent action to the man or his family, to cover up the shame (siri’). But on the other hand, the Bugis people also have an institution of reconciliation or peace over conflict silariang known as maddeceng. Maddeceng which means "repair" is a local wisdom that is quite important because it can be a way of reconciliation between the two families in conflict after the incident silariang. Maddeceng has been quite effective in relieving tensions between the two families. Not only as the momentum of mutual forgiveness, maddecengwas considered to be recovering the family pride and even into the early momentum between two great families to creates a commitment to build a family relationship. Maddeceng as a local wisdom relevant to the principles of Islamic law to realizing the good (maslahat), namely establishing peace, brotherhood and can maintain order in society. Therefore, it important revitalized, not only in the context of marriage law but also for reducing of other conflicts in the society.

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Sosial dan Budaya Islam
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