Analyzing Students’ Individual Problems in Speaking at IAIN Kendari

Fahmi, Gunawan and Isna, Humaera (2017) Analyzing Students’ Individual Problems in Speaking at IAIN Kendari. The Asian EFL Journal, 7. pp. 154-163.


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This study aims at assessing student’s individual problems at Islamic State Institute (IAIN) of Kendari in increasing their English speaking skill. The data was obtained from 10 Islamic Education Students in 2015. The participants were selected due to their low English grade obtained from final-year examination and interview. The data was collected through interview and questionnaire. The finding showed that students’ individual problems comprises into two parts, (1) lack of knowledge factors and (2) psychological factors. These problems were caused by the following factors; (1) often laughed by their friends when speaking English, (2) lazy to memorize vocabulary, (3) lack of speaking exercise, (4) fear of making mistakes in speaking and pronouncing vocabulary and sentence, and(5) insufficient knowledge on grammatical structure of English language. Few ways were suggested to solve the problem; (1) motivating themselves to be more confident in talking, (2) recording unfamiliar vocabularies in personal vocabulary notes, (3) practicing speaking with friends and lecturers, (4) mixing the use English language and mother language, as well as (5) using technology such as electronic dictionaries.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Individual Problems, Speaking Skill
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