Islamic Education Values in Tinasuka’s Customary on Wawonii Tribe of Konawe Islands

La, Hadisi and Muhammad, Alpin (2018) Islamic Education Values in Tinasuka’s Customary on Wawonii Tribe of Konawe Islands. IOP Conf. Series: Earth and Environmental Science.

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Abstract: This study aims to know and understand the values of Islamic religious education in Tinasuka custom of Wawonii community in Konawe Islands District. This research uses qualitative descriptive research. Data was obtained in the form of opinions, views or another expression of thoughts through interviews, then analyzed by compiling data. To determine the validity of data obtained, this study used triangulation of sources and data. The results show that: "Tinasuka in Wawonii Tribe of Konawe Islands Regency has a close relationship with the values of Islamic education". Tinasuka comes from wawonii language. It means dowry which way of fulfilment and its kind is different from another area, the dowry type is coconut tree, and the fulfilment depends on social strata of the woman. Historically, according to the Wawonii community, the philosophy of Tinasuka customary originated from the meaning of wawonii island and the facts about the source of the wawonii tribe's life dominated by coconut trees compared to other types of agriculture. So the value of Islamic education in Tinasuka custom is to prioritize tolerance and humanism in the fulfilment of dowries, are required to work hard especially in planting coconut trees, and cooperation. After the end of the dominant system, the Tinasuka custom continues to grow and undergo some adjustments coupled with the reduced land to grow coconut trees, so that the Tinasuka in the form of coconut trees can be converted in money.

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