“KERAJAAN TANPA ISTANA, PEWARIS TANPA PUTRA MAHKOTA” (Jejak Demokratisasi dalam Pemerintahan Raja-Raja di Muna)

Zainal, AZ (2015) “KERAJAAN TANPA ISTANA, PEWARIS TANPA PUTRA MAHKOTA” (Jejak Demokratisasi dalam Pemerintahan Raja-Raja di Muna). (Submitted)

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Democratic system which comes from the west adopted by Indonesia, while the culture of Indonesian society with a heterogeneous character in customs, class, ethnicity, language, and religion have different characteristics with western countries. This study analyze the traces of democratization in the kingdom of Muna were limited from 16th-20th century AD. By using anthropology- historical perspective, this study will record the implications of democracy in the kingdom of Muna on the system of government and social system as well. Democratization in the kingdom of Muna system significantly affected by the values of Islam which can be seen in governance and social system. The values of democratization in governance can be traced to a) the governance in Muna kingdom was formed as a means of legitimacy and sosial as well as political control; (b) The election, and determination of a king does not have a direct descendant of the king himself; (c) A king is not an absolute ruler, there is a sufficiency Board will dismiss even punish a king when violating the constitutions. Meanwhile, the democratic values implies in social system can be referred to the following matters; (a) Munanese people distribute in the division of the roles in accordance with functions and responsibilities. This system is described as one body with a very important members, so the one is not more important than the other; (b) Although A king is the master, but the pattern of his life was reflected the philosophy of palace construction (Kamali); (c) Every people, regardless of sex possess the same rights and opportunities to become a leader in the kingdom of Muna. Keynote: Democracy, traditional kingdom, local wisdom, Islam, political dynasty.

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