Peran Peradilan1 slam dalam Penegakan Hukum Islam di Kesultan1an Buton

Dr. Hj. Asni,, M.H. I (2019) Peran Peradilan1 slam dalam Penegakan Hukum Islam di Kesultan1an Buton. IAIN KENDARI.

Peran Peradilan Oslam dalam Penegakan Hukum Islam di Kesultanan Buton.pdf

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: 1he Rok oJll'm,,ic Co1trts: in the Enforcement of Islamic Law in tl,e Pttst of Buton's Sulthanante... his article tries ro reveal the existence of the Islamic Courts in the Sultanate of Buron ro measure the extent of i rs role in the entorcement of Islamic Law in. the past. 1 i tory explains that when Islam entered the territory of Southeast Sulawesi) the, kiri gdorn of Buro n changed its status to Buto n ultan ate and applied Islam ic Jaw throughout the empire. Using historical approach, the researcher succeed• d in re caling the face that in the area. of he pas ultanare of Bu con once stood o insti tu rions of Islamic Court named Syarana A.dati and Syantna . lukumu or Syantna Agama, The authorlty of Syantna .Adati was to deal with c ri mi na1 case where as Syarttna Hukumu or Syarana Agama took care of certai 11 ci vi.l cases s uch as marriage, di vorce and inhcrirance. Despite me separation of au rhority, ehc rwo instiru dons can be carcgortzed as Islamic Courts because me legal sysocm us• d as a backdrop was Islamic w, The study also finds out that the two instinnions play a significant role in the, upholding of lam ic: law in the past as they were suppo ted by the king do in! and a urong legal cult ure borh among law en forcer and in he cornmuniry.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Islamic court in Buron sultanate, hi rory of he Bu con sultanate
Subjects: Hukum Islam
Sosial dan Budaya Islam
Sejarah dan Geograpi
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Date Deposited: 21 Nov 2019 00:44
Last Modified: 21 Nov 2019 00:44

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