Construction of Organizational Culture at PM Gontor VII Putera, South Konawe District, Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia

Syahrul, Syahrul and Mukhtar, Mukhneri and Akbar, Maruf (2018) Construction of Organizational Culture at PM Gontor VII Putera, South Konawe District, Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia. International Journal of Advanced Engineering and Management Research, 3 (5). pp. 25-40. ISSN 2456-3676


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This article aims to describe the organizational culture in PM Gontor VII Put era Sulawesi Tenggara, related to the following aspects: (1) ideas and ideals of the establishment of PM Gontor; (2) Establishment of Gontor Lama as a movement of change; (3) The planting of common values in the New Gontor era; (4) Emphasizing shared values through tiered education; 5) PM Gontor Proliferation as the largest pesantren corporation in Indonesia; 6) elements of Gontor organization culture. Data were collected through interview technique, observation, and documentation study. Data analysis is done through four stages: domain analysis, taxonomic analysis, compositional analysis, and cultural theme analysis. This study yields the following research findings: (1) The existence of PM Gontor originated from Tegalsari Pesantren with a big idea about the responsibility of advancing Muslims and seeking Ridha Allah SWT; (2) The establishment of Gontor Lama is an effort to disseminate ideas from Tegalsari, which target the Gontor area as a lagging area; (3) The cultivation of shared values in the New Gontor era is a process of establishing identity, strengthening the foundations of the organization, and gluing the entire Gontor people; 4) Ear thing shared values through tiered education is an awareness of the sustainability of ideas through the educational process, starting from early to higher education; (5) PM Gontor proliferation is an effort to spread Gontor energy throughout Indonesia; 6) Elements of organizational culture in PM Gontor include ideas / ideals of Tegalsari, educational strategies, shared values in "panca jiwa", and the application of the "panca jangka" as producers artifacts PM Gontor.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Gontor, Organizational Culture, Panca Jiwa, Panca Jangka
Subjects: Manajemen
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